Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards

• What are the Conservation Authority Watershed Report Cards?

• What is the purpose of the watershed report cards?

• How do I find out if there is a watershed report card for where I live?

• Why do we need to monitor local watersheds and what do Conservation Authorities do with the results?

• Building the Data – Why are there differences between Conservation Authorities?

• What are Conservation Authority watershed report cards reporting on?

• How have Conservation Authorities changed the way they are reporting on Ontario watersheds?

• How does the health of our environment affect our own health?

• How do Conservation Authorities contribute to healthy watersheds?

• How is our environment connected to Ontario's economy?

• How are Ontario's watersheds impacted by climate change?

• How can we build local watershed resiliency with stewardship programs?

• How do Conservation Authorities get this work done in local watersheds?


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