Conservation Authorities Build Resiliency

The key to a more resilient Ontario lies in understanding how nature is so closely connected to our health and well-being, and to our economy; and then doing everything we can to protect, restore and conserve our ecosystems and their functions.

Conservation authorities (CAs) are local watershed management agencies, mandated to ensure the conservation, restoration and responsible management of Ontario’s water, land and natural habitats through programs that balance human, environmental and economic needs.

Approximately 95% of Ontario’s population lives in a watershed managed by a conservation authority. Thirty-one CAs are found in southern Ontario and another five CAs are located in northern Ontario. They are organized on a watershed basis.

Conservation authorities plan and deliver a wide range of nature-based solutions that help us to adapt to climate change impacts and build watershed resiliency.

staff monitoring water conditions

Monitor and Collect Data

Conservation Authorities track local conditions by monitoring both water and land natural resources, often in partnership with the Province and others. This information is used for watershed report cards.

constructing water management project

Target Actions

Conservation authorities use local science, and watershed plans and programs to target actions which restore, enhance and protect our natural resources.

recently created runoff ponds

Protect Water

Local conservation authority watershed stewardship, source protection, green infrastructure and stormwater management activities reduce stormwater runoff and prevent erosion which enhances water quality and protects ground and surface drinking water sources.

staff planting trees

Manage Forests

Conservation authorities plant trees, design, specify and/ approve forest management plans, classify, inventory and map forests, appraise, evaluate or certify forests, audit forest management practices, provide education materials and work with landowners to help manage local woodlots or forests.

conservation authority staff seeding wild rice

Deliver Stewardship

Deliver stewardship Initiatives such as tree planting, habitat restoration, water quality improvement and green infrastructure that protect and restore clean water and provide ecosystem goods and services that support clean air and safe, sustainable drinking water.

two men building a buffer strip along the stream

Protect Green Spaces

Protect conservation authority lands which have important natural features and ecosystems. They also provide recreational opportunities for people to enjoy and act as living classrooms for us to explore and learn about nature.

Nature-Based Solutions Infographic

nature based solutions infographic
nature based solutions infographic